Targeted Movement Therapy

Prototype 1 Minimum Viable Product


NeuRewards will guide infants with peripheral nerve injury through successful rehabilitation. Specifically, NeuRewards takes advantage of the infants’ neuroplasticity, which is their amazing ability to recover from nerve injury by developing new motor learning skills. NeuRewards is a rehabilitative device operated by the infant’s parent, that rewards infants for targeted movements. For example, when the infant generates specific movements considered as rehabilitative, the device rewards him/her through auditory feedback such as music, or visual feedback such as colorful lights. NeuRewards consists of two parts, a wristband with a motion sensing device and a positive reinforcement toy. When the wristband senses a specific movement that is conducive to physical therapy, the toy activates. The goal is for the infant to associate therapeutic movements with happiness, thus increasing the frequency of those movements, obtaining full functionality. NeuRewards will potentially reverse the effects of a life altering injury.